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Seaflora Men's WIld Coast Marine Kelp Face Cream


This fast absorbing moisturizer blends certified organic seaweeds with natural oils and rainforest botanicals to improve skin hydration and the appearance of elasticity. It contains a high concentration of seaweed nutrient and helps to improve skin tone and reduce the visible signs of aging. Suitable for normal, combination & oily skin types.

Directions for use: Apply as needed, morning and night on clean, dry skin as part of your daily face care regime. Massage gently until fully absorbed. Suitable for normal, combination & oily skin types.


Spring Water (Aqua), *Certified Organic Wild Seaweeds, *Fractionated Coconut Oil (Capric/Caprylic Triglyceride), Glycerin (Vegetable Source), Coconut (Cocos nucifera) Oil, *Palm (Elaeis guineenis) Oil, Pine (Pinus banksiana) Extract, *Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) Leaf Extract, *Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla) Flower Extract, *Echinacea (Echinacea purpurea) Flower Extract, *Nettle (Urtica dioica) Leaf Extract, *Red Clover (Trifolium pretense) Flower Extract, *Apple Cider Vinegar (Acetic Acid), *Olive (Olea europaea) Fruit Oil, *Flax (Linum usitatissimum) Seed Oil, *Pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo) Seed Oil, *Sweet Pea (Lathyrus odoratus) Flower Extract, *Sunflower (Helianthus annuus) Oil, Avocado (Persea gratissima) Oil, Gelidium (Gelidium cartilagineum) , Xantham Gum, Beeswax, Phenoxyethanol, Benzoic Acid, Dehydroacetic Acid, Green Oxide.

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