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Mudology - Facial Clay Powder


Clay Masque Benefits

  • Acne-friendly 
  • Removes impurities
  • Revitalizes and promotes healthy skin
  • Visibly smaller pores
  • Absorbs & removes oil

Mudology is a Vancouver Island company deeply passionate and dedicated to preserving the environment where their clay masks are derived from.

Their masque powders are 100% pure, all natural and not tested on animals.

The line carries 7 different varieties - comes with a free, super soft bamboo applicator brush!

  1.  Canadian Glacial Clay - for ALL skin types
  2.  Aztec Healing Clay - for ALL skin types
  3. Australian Pink Clay - for ALL skin types
  4. Moroccan Clay - for OILY skin
  5. Multani Mitti Clay - for OILY skin
  6. French Green Clay - for SENSITIVE skin
  7. French Yellow Clay - for SENSITIVE skin

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