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Helena Lane Skincare Lavender & Lime Cleanser

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For all skin types, especially normal, combination, oily, acne and blemished. A refreshing cleansing balm which helps to unblock pores, regulate sebum production and soften and smooth the skin.

Directions for use: Take a pea sized amount of cleanser and massage into a warm damp face. Leave for 2-20 minutes (can be used as a mask). Remove with a warm damp cloth. If you are removing lots of dirt or make-up you may need to repeat. The goal is to not need any product after cleansing, however if you you some extra support during the transition choose an oil serum. It is most necessary to cleanse your face at night, to remove daily dirt, pollution and make-up. In the morning I recommend simply using a flower water and damp cloth to clean your face.


Jojoba oil* (infused with calendula* and chamomile flowers*), Beeswax*, Lavender essential oil*, Lime essential oil*, Eucalyptus essential oil*

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