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Helena Lane Skincare Argan & Rosehip Moisturizer (unscented)

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For all skin types, especially normal, dry,  very sensitive and reactive. A rich and protective moisturizer packed with nourishment for glowing, soft skin. It contains no essential oils making it my simplest and most gentle mosturizer.

Directions for use: Shea butter melts at body temperature so take a tiny amount (size of a grain of rice) and warm between fingertips before patting gently into skin, starting where skin is driest. Repeat and pat into neck and décolleté. For best results apply to face after using a flower water or water serum, or mix 2-3 sprays of flower water or water serum to the moisturizer in the palm of your hand before patting onto the skin.


Shea butter *, Rosehip seed oil *, Argan oil *

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