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Thera Wise

Choosing Thera Wise products means you have made the wise decision to opt for a clean, fast-acting natural bio-active remedy. Our natural, plant-based ointments offer soothing relief and peace of mind knowing you can trust our award-winning products for your personal health-care solutions. Make sure your family’s medicine cabinet is not only stocked with natural, biodegradable Thera Wise remedies, but free from those unwanted petrochemical-based products that can actually compromise your skin health.

Manufacturing our natural ingredients-based medicines creates unique challenges, especially when sourcing the high-quality raw materials required for each production (year round). We formulate each Thera Wise treatment to not only quickly address a health condition with healing plant ingredients, but also for its “Balancing” philosophy. Our carefully-selected ingredients and soothing extracts create a healing synergy for recovery and rejuvenation.

Every Thera Wise product is vegan-friendly and cruelty-free; all our packaging is BPA- and phthalate-free. We’re also proud to say we never use ingredients from insect and/or animal sources, and we carefully check our suppliers to ensure no animal testing occurs on either our raw materials or finished products.

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