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Refresh Botanicals

Refresh Botanicals™ is formulated to create the skin you want. Healthy skin should be calmed when distressed, conditioned daily and always protected
naturally with the botanical life force of plants. Your transition to healthier skin begins with the realization that you cannot protect and nourish your skin with chemicals. Artificial fragrances, parabens, colour dyes, and by-products derived from petroleum products are not the healthy way to care for timeless skin.

Refresh Botanicals products guarantee you to provide the best skin care experience. You are bound to feel fresh and revitalized after using these products. Organic cucumber and the cornflower water are the chief ingredients which soothe and calm your skin and help maintain the pH balance of your skin. Also, being free from harsh chemicals, they are not only safe for use, but also help create youthful and gorgeous skin!

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