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LaVigne Natural Skincare

LaVigne Natural Skincare is dedicated to making natural products that both nourish the skin and protect against the effects of day-to-day stresses from our environment. Each product is created to work effectively within our total skincare system or by itself. All our products are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. President and founder Linda Zaurrini (née LaVigne) has always had a keen interest in natural health and beauty. In 2002, while living in Mexico, she learned from locals about the remarkable “skin tree” ingredient Tepezcohuite.

After confirming the available research about this amazing substance, she decided to make it the key ingredient in her skincare products. After establishing a reliable source of Tepezcohuite, Linda developed several products and arranged with a reputable cosmetics lab in Vancouver, Canada to manufacture LaVigne Naturals’ product line. The entire process — from research to initial product launch — took less than two years. We continue to research and develop new products to meet the needs of our customers.

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