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We are GRAYDON - plant powered skincare

From nature because: We curate 'plant powered' ingredients that have transformative, nutrient dense qualities that are easily absorbed so that your skin gets 'fed' the nutrients it needs. We employ nutrients that work synergistically with the skin, and are in harmony with nature and our environment. Keeping that in mind, consider that the life-force (aka energy 'prana' or 'qi') of your skin interacts with the life-force of everything applied to it… so unlike most skincare lines where products are essentially dead (because the ingredients and chemicals they contain have no life-force), Graydon products will gently and effectively enliven and awaken you. Whenever possible, we choose to source organic plant based ingredients from Canadian growers and manufacturers such as broccoli and berry seeds oil. Outside of Canada, we are also developing partnerships with fair trade farmers in India to source Ayurvedic ingredients such as rosewater. Another one of our favourite food grade ingredients is manuka honey (with bee venom) known for its anti-inflammatory healing ability, sourced from New Zealand.

Luxurious because: Who wants to sacrifice beauty and indulgence for just 'clinical' or 'natural'? We all deserve a little luxury and these products feel great and look gorgeous on your skin. Your bathroom will never look more stylish than with GRAYDON products adorning your sink! We use simple, beautiful, high quality packaging like our specially sourced ultra hygienic airless pumps to keep our products fresh.

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